Published on Monday, March 18, 2019

Suite V4.01 Released

Desktop V7.01
  • Windows Authentication and Single Sign-On now supports Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN). For example, domain names can now take the form of See the Single Sign-On Configuration Guide for more information.
  • Document Review Notifications are now correctly adjusted when document ownership is changed.
Document Manager V5.05
  • A document can now be configured to NOT automatically create Training Records for Training Manager. When auto-create is disabled, new training records can be manually created for any specific revision who's status is Approved or Current. This allows a document's training configuration (Trainers and Trainees) to be defined prior to scheduling training. This also allows training for new revisions to be skipped or explicitly scheduled as needed.
  • A new Reports menu item has been added to the File menu. It will launch Suite Reports and open the list of Document Manager reports.
Training Manager V1.06
  • Changed to support disabled auto-creation of Training Records.
Suite Reports V2.00
  • Desktop Reports have been refined and are now categorized as either Desktop Administration or Document Manager.
  • Many of the reports have been combined and/or simplified to now include Sort By and Sort Order parameters.
  • Included are these new reports:
    • Desktop Administration
      • Contact Information
      • Escalation Ladders
      • Escalation Ladders by Members
      • License Assignment
      • License Summary
    • Corrective Action
      • Nonconformance Number Log
      • Trend Chart by Customer
      • Trend Chart by Department
      • Trend Chart by Facility
      • Trend Chart by Part Number
      • Trend Chart by Supplier
    • Training Manager
      • Training Configuration
    • SPC
      • Attribute Control Chart
      • Attribute Data Subgroup Summary
      • Attribute Defects per Subgroup Bar Chart
      • Attribute Defects per Session Bar Chart
      • Attribute Defects per Session Pie Chart
      • Attribute Defects Summary
      • Attribute Subgroup Detail
Folio Manager V1.04
  • Supports New Desktop Changes.
Number Dispenser V3.01
  • Changed to support retrieving multiple numbers in one transaction.
Office Viewer V3.01
  • The Office Viewer has been updated to use the latest document conversion tools.
Windows 8dot3 Name Support
  • New installations of Windows 10 may have NTFS 8dot3 Name support disabled. Waypoint Global Suite now supports having Windows NTFS 8dot3 Names disabled.
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