APQP Series  -  Bring Order to Quality Control

Quality Control, From Process to Approval

Gain and retain customers by meeting product expectations – every time. Use the Advanced Products Quality Planning (APQP) Series to protect your company’s reputation by establishing quality protocols to Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) requirements, cut time creating them, and be warned of any discrepancies that could put your company under your customers’ microscopes. Best of all, your changes are populated across your project with just one change. Just imagine the time (and reputation) you'll save.

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Simplify control documents, from prototype to production.

Quality Planner simplifies the creation and control of documents such as the Control Plan, Process and Design FMEAs, and more. It also includes document creation modules used to generate AIAG & VDA 1st Edition FMEAs -- Design FMEA Form B and Process FMEA Form D. 

Creating/Editing documents such as the Gage R&R Study and Capability Studies will be available in the next release.

APQP Process Control

Using Quality Planner, you can easily track the five APQP stages: Planning, Product Design and Development, Process Design and Development, Product and Process Validation, and Production. More specifically, Quality Planner provides a framework that supports the AIAG APQP process.

Track each event in the APQP process—Prototype, Pre-launch and Production—and move back and forth between them. Quality Planner lets you predefine customer lists, machines, tools, etc., rather than repeatedly entering that information. In addition, it cross-references documents by part number, operation, and characteristic as necessary, showing you which documents have yet to be generated for that APQP project.


Quality Planner helps your core team concentrate on the APQP process by letting you delegate many of the documents to the appropriate individuals, even those outside the core team. The AIAG APQP documents are authored and managed so you only have to enter data once, pre-populating those fields throughout. 


Quality Planner simplifies the tedious process of gathering and validating all of the necessary documents for sample/PPAP submission. One click lets you see all of the validated documents, letting you choose which ones to submit, and another click prints them — ready for signatures.