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This is what we are! Available modules broken down into Series of modules to more easily find what your company needs!

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Conformance got you down?

Waypoint Global Suite products will help you achieve and maintain conformance for manufacturers or service providers! Our products support various standards in Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Laboratory accreditation across multiple industries like Automotive, Aviation, Medical and White Goods.

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Do you need help keeping track of user training?

Waypoint Global introduces our newest product Training Manager. Training Manager can help your company keep all those pesky training records in order while also giving you a powerful set of reports to keep track of them!

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Waypoint Global

The Waypoint Global office can be found at :
Waypoint Global LLC
8345 Clearvista Place, Suite 350
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Phone: (844) 827-8254
(317) 268-3959
Fax: (866) 571-5482
  • "We manage our documents with Waypoint’s Document Manager and we distribute documents with Suite Connect for Sharepoint and eNotify in accordance with ISO requirements. Thru Tubing also uses the Authoring tools, Corrective Action, Training Manager and Audit manager modules. We have found the Waypoint Software to provide options while being Scalable and Robust. Our competition is envious, my Registrar loves it and so do we. The software delivers on what it promises and if you need it to do something different you will find that competent stateside support is just a call or e-mail away. They have helped us grow and provided several custom solutions. Organizations need answers and alternatives and the support staff at Waypoint delivers on both accounts."

    CJ BRUNNER Quality System Representative
  • "We have been so happy with the Waypoint Global Support group. Their application knowledge, immediate response, and willingness to follow up on issues big and small as far exceeded our expectations. I wish all of our service providers would follow suit. Our access to people at all levels of the company has been refreshing. In the current ‘Press 2 to leave a message’ world we live in it is wonderful to know you can pick up a phone or send an E-mail to people you know and have dealt with and know you will get a prompt and helpful response."

    Jay Wigner Director, Information Technology
  • "Document management technology has automated the tedious part of our manufacturing documentation and made it possible for us to focus on the substance. It has reduced the amount of time we need to spend on documentation by 50%."

    Steve Denhof Director of Quality
  • "Waypoint Global software has eliminated the need to hire at least six additional people who would have otherwise been required to manage the documentation required to run our quality system."

    Mike Gregory Vice President of Manufacturing
  • "As I begin my retirement countdown (12 working days), I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for your continued support to ensure the success of the Waypoint Global web implementation within USSTC. The customer service provided over the past twelve years has been second to none."

    Charlotte Oberleas Document Control Supervisor