Published on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Updated and New How Do I Videos!

We proudly announce that we have a variety of updated How Do I series videos that are new viewable to the public. Below is the list of the updated videos:

Audit Manager:

  Creating and Scheduling an Audit


Corrective Action:

  Generating a Nonconformance using the NC Wizard

  Incorporating your Logo into Corrective Action

  Editing a NC/CAR/PAR

  Registering Associated Documents to a NC/CAR/PAR

  Running Reports on NC/CAR/PAR Activities



  Adding a User to the System

  Creating a User Group

  Creating a Routing List

  Creating Document Filters

  Using Document Binders

  Using Quick Search


List Builder:

  Batch Printing Using List Builder

  Exporting Copies of Documents using List Builder


Number Dispenser:

  Creating a Number List


Training Manager:

  Administrative Activities to Setup Training Manager for Use

  Assigning a Training Administrator to a Document

  Assigning Trainers to a Document or Class

  Completing a Trainer Led Event

  Completing a Self-Train Style Document

  Mass Adding Trainees to Multiple Documents

  Indexing Strategies to Make your Training Administration Easier

  Running Reports and Exporting or Emailing the Results

  Training Record Management


We also have a handful of NEW videos pertaining to Suite Notify --  the latest piece of our solution -- and the Suite in general. These videos should provide the first couple of stepping stones on your path to walking towards a more efficient notification system.

  How to Build, Edit, and Delete Ladders

  How to Use Suite Notify

  How to Upgrade to Version 4.0

  How to Send a WPG Support File

  How to  Perform a SQL Database backup by Hand

  How to Setup Suite Notify

And, as always, if you have any requests for new videos or want a more in-depth video, please let us know at and we will be happy to make more! We are currently brainstorming of new videos for our next release!

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