Published on Friday, June 28, 2019

Suite 4.10 Released

Waypoint Global Suite - SPC

Waypoint Global is proud to announce our latest update to SPC. This new version includes many usability improvements from feedback gathered from existing customers. This new version embraces the new notification system released in V4.00 with new Notifications that allow monitoring data collection activity.

Included in this release is the new SPC Data Collection Engine that automates collection from third party sources such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

If you have any questions about this announcement, please don't hesitate to contact Waypoint's Technical Support Department at

SPC Administrator V5.00
  • A data collection instruction can be configured for a characteristic.
  • Red and yellow notifications can be configured for a characteristic.
  • Locking data collection for red and yellow conditions can be configured for a characteristic.
  • A new privilege for receiving notifications is now available for assignment.
  • A new privilege for unlocking data collection is now available for assignment.
  • A workstation can be configured to allow an operator to change the collection method (Single Sample, Row/Column or Grid).
  • SPC Audit Logging can be enabled/disabled.
SPC Examiner V5.00
  • Sorting open set alarms by Last Date descending is now available.
  • Pinning an open set alarm for monitoring is now available.
  • Masking/Unmasking/Editing historical data create notifications and audit events.
SPC Operator V5.00
  • The new SPC Data Collection Engine is included with SPC Operator. A user's guide for the SPC Data Collection Engine has been added to the Suite Documentation Library.
  • When in data collection Mode, F9 will display the current characteristic’s configured instruction.
  • When enabled, by workstation, an operator can override the default collection method (Single Sample, Row/Column or Grid).
  • Data collection can be locked, by characteristic configuration when red or yellow conditions are detected.
  • Data collection can be unlocked by privileged users.
  • Notifications and Audit Events are created for the following conditions (Data Collection Locked, Data Collection Unlocked, Alert (Red) and Warning (Yellow) conditions).
  • Audit Events are created when a set is created or closed.
Desktop V7.02
  • Suite Notify has a new SPC tab. SPC Notifications can be dismissed using a right click menu.
  • Notifications Panel now supports the new SPC Notification types.
  • Deleting a user with active training notifications is now possible.
  • Creating a new Non-Conformance ensures the destination user has full access.
Notifications Service V5.02
  • SPC Notifications are included in emails.
  • Existing training notifications for deleted users are automatically removed.
Corrective Action V3.02
  • Delegating users ensures the destination user has full access.
List Builder V4.05
  • Date has been included in the query results and can be filtered.
  • A new option is available to export using the original file name. Note: This name is not always unique.
Policy Writer V7.04
  • Page numbers in the table of content are now more accurate for sections that are pushed to the top of a new page.
Quality Planner V3.04
  • At Risk Detection is now more accurate.
  • A message is provided when potential At Risk documents are determined to not require changes.
Office Viewer V3.02
  • The Office Viewer has been updated to use the latest document conversion tools.
Suite Reports V2.01
  • The license assignment report supports international date formatting.
  • A new SPC Audit Log report has been added.
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