Published on Thursday, July 22, 2021

Suite V4.20 Released

Read to find out all of the updates made to the Suite Solution!

Waypoint Global Suite - Quality Planner V4.00

Waypoint Global is proud to announce our revamped Quality Planner, rewritten to use a new Office-inspired user interface. 

  • Existing projects are converted on the fly as they are re-opened.
  • Document editing included for V4 Design FMEA, Characteristic List, Characteristics Matrix, Process Flow Diagram, Control Plan,
    V4 Process FMEA, Part Submission Warrant, PQP Summary and Sign-Off, Team Feasibility Commitment, Appearance Approval
  • Multiple monitor support is built in. The various windows can be arranged to your liking. even on different monitors to maximize the
    editing surface.
  • Selecting items from pools is much faster and convenient. Changes in pool items are much easier to detect and update.
  • As-you-type spell checking is implemented for all text editing.
  • Editing Project properties has been improved and includes better symbol management.
  • Improved project Export and Import.
  • Improved supporting document management registration and control.

New Support has been added for the AIAG & VDA FMEA formats. Pertains to new projects only.

  • VDA Design FMEA Editing - (Identifying Product Element Structure, Functions, Failures, Risk Analysis and Optimizations)

  • VDA Design FMEA Form B - 

  • VDA Process FMEA Editing - (Identifying Process Element Structure, Functions, Failures, Risk Analysis and Optimizations)

  • VDA Process FMEA Form D -