Published on Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Waypoint Global Suites - Backups

Here is some guidance for making your backups successful.

  • The Waypoint Global Suite data is commonly stored on a file server in two locations: A SQL Server Database along with a Server File Share folder.
    Both locations must be backed up to maintain a viable restore dataset. Later in this article we will show you how to find these locations.

  • The backup of these two locations needs to be timed to be as simultaneous as possible to ensure the data contained is synchronized. Usually this is easily done when both locations are on the same server. It gets trickier when the database and file share are located on separate servers.

  • We recommend you consult your organization's IT professionals to discuss your backup strategy. Just be sure to validate your backups are usable.

  • Be sure to store your backups in an offline location safe from any ransomware's grasp.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Waypoint Global's support resource at

To find the location of your data we recommend using our WPG Support utility. 

You will find the WPG Support utility in your Waypoint Global Suite folder in your start menu.

Once loaded you can scroll to the bottom of the displayed settings to see:

  • The Group Path is the location of your file share.
  • The Server and Database are listed as well.

Contact Waypoint Global Support if you have any questions,

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