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Quality Planner

Suppliers faced with establishing an APQP process within their organization, can now rely on Quality Planner to help make things easier. By cutting the time to develop and control critical APQP documents, designed to meet the requirements of the AIAG requirements, suppliers will find their costs reduced, and even more importantly their customers happy.


Quality Planner is fully integrated with the rest of the Waypoint Global Suite product line, including the document control features that you have come to expect from the Suite.
Product Details

Product Description:

Designed to handle the entire APQP process from Design to Prototype to Production, Quality Planner simplifies the creation and control of documents such as the Control Plan, Process and Design FMEAs, and more. It also includes document creation modules used to generate such documents as the Gage R&R Study, Capability Studies, and Process and Setup Instructions.

It also offers:

APQP Process Control

Using Quality Planner, you can easily track the five APQP stages: Planning, Product Design and Development, Process Design and Development, Product and Process Validation, and Production. More specifically, Quality Planner provides you a framework that supports the AIAG APQP process. You can also track each event in the APQP process—Prototype, Pre-launch and Production—and move back and forth between them. Quality Planner lets you predefine customer lists, machines, tools, etc., rather than repeatedly entering that information. In addition, it cross-references documents by part number, operation, and characteristic as necessary, and shows you which documents have yet to be generated for that APQP project.


Document Creation Modules

Quality Planner helps your core team concentrate on the APQP process by letting you delegate many of the documents to the appropriate individual(s), even those outside the core team. The AIAG APQP documents are authored and managed with relationships so you only have to enter data once that gets proliferated throughout the documents. Each document module gives your people the ability to edit an APQP document (such as a Gage R&R) at the same time you are working on another document or in another module.


Simplified PPAP Submission

Quality Planner simplifies the tedious process of gathering and validating all of the necessary documents for sample/PPAP submission. One click lets you see all of the validated documents, letting you choose which ones to submit, and another click prints them — ready for signatures.



Feature highlights:

  • Create and control documents used for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).
  • Originate "living" documents and track progress through APQP stages.
  • Maintain a complete document revision history and an easy-to-follow audit trail throughout the APQP process.
  • Register supporting documents, even those created in other software programs, so all of your APQP projects are kept in one place and available to those who need them.
  • Produce high-quality PPAP documents ready for signatures and submission to your customers.
  • Share common information at three levels - system, project and document - for consistency and cost savings.
  • Link the document and data control of Quality Planner with the capabilities of Microsoft Project using APQP Planner.

Technical Specifications:


Each module version is packaged in a Suite Release which has its own technical specifications. Please click the link below to see the release version information you need.


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Waypoint Global offers both self-paced and instructor-led software training. All courses have a common goal: to optimize your use of Waypoint Global software.

Courses feature subject-specific content, as well as technical point-and-click instruction. Each course provides an understanding of the process, enabling the user to be immediately proficient with the software, and also to prepare the user to teach other employees.

On-site courses can be tailored to include industry- and company-specific terms, examples and case studies. Your work force can be divided into groups and trained only on the parts relevant to their job function.

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Class >> Quality Planner Software Training

The Quality Planner Software Training class is designed to help you understand the entire APQP process, from Planning & Definition to Production. The course also simplifies the creation and control of documents such as the Control Plan, Process and Design FMEAs, and others for the PPAP submission.

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