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The Advanced Document Control Tools is a collection of modules that give you more options for controlling and distributing your documents. Each of these modules is built on the Waypoint Global Suite platform, and is fully integrated with the rest of the Document Compliance Suite. You can choose any or all of these modules, to help you meet your company's needs.


The Advanced Tools include the following modules:
  • Number Dispenser for controlling numbering systems.
  • eNotify for communicating document changes to critical personnel via e-mail.
  • List Builder to perform group actions on customized lists of documents.
  • Quick Reg for registering documents quickly and easily into Document Manager. NEW - Quick Reg has been promoted to a full Document Manager addon included for all Document Manager users.
Product Details
Number Dispenser Description
Number Dispenser creates, controls, manages, tracks, reports and uses preset number lists for numbering schemes like document numbers, work order numbers or purchase order numbers. Features include:
  • Automated creation and administration of number sets such as purchase order numbers or engineering drawing IDs.
  • Easy multi-list control with maximum flexibility over functions such as number use, viewing, copying and printing.
  • Recordkeeping of when and how each number was used, along with any pertinent comments. This ensures the integrity of your numbering system by preventing the re-use of numbers.
  • Seamless integration with Desktop.


eNotify Description
eNotify ensures that details of newly released or changed documents are efficiently communicated to critical personnel.


  • Instant notification of business critical events via e-mail.
  • Allows users to be regularly updated of critical changes, without needing to be logged in
  • Informative e-mail message for each user.
  • In addition to notifying users of Recently Released documents eNotify also notifies users of documents awaiting their disposition, documents returned after disposition complete and documents due for review.
  • Ensures that employees are immediately aware of new or updated documents.
  • Integrates with standard e-mail systems.

In order to maintain an effective Quality Management System, notifications of newly released or updated documents are paramount. With eNotify, you can be sure that the changes are immediately communicated to critical employees.

eNotify is simple and easy to use.

Once a document has been approved and released, specified members will then receive an e-mail (with configurable message) to inform them of the documents release, in addition to the standard Desktop Notification.


List Builder Description
List Builder gives users of Desktop the ability to create customized lists of documents externally and then perform group actions on those lists, saving time and effort.


  • Provides the ability to select multiple documents in Desktop Binders, Recently Released, My Documents and QuickSearch.
  • Automatically resolves duplicates and allows combining of search results.
  • Allows mass printing of documents from the Desktop.
  • Ensures that the security levels applied to documents in Desktop are maintained.
  • Displays Document Title, Number, Revision, Status, Release Date and Released By information.
  • Allows the document list and information about each to be exported to a CSV file for input into another table-oriented application.
  • Provides batch copying of documents to a specified location with automatic renaming of the file to include title, revision and status.
Improved Document Control
List Builder provides greater flexibility in the way that users work with business critical documentation. Users can create customized lists of documents externally from Desktop and perform group actions on those lists, including mass document printing or saving.
Maintained Security
The document security settings within Desktop are maintained within List Builder. This means that only current documents to which a user has access can be added to a list. Displaying the Document Title, Number, Revision, Status, Release Date and Released By information means that the user has the most important details available through List Builder.

List Builder also contains options to expand its built-in functionality with the purchase of additional services.


Quick Registration Tool Description

Quick Reg lets users register multiple documents quickly and easily into Document Manager with pre-formatted templates and business rules. Preset templates carry all the information needed to automatically register and index multiple documents in a matter of seconds. Your documents then can be modified and managed as usual through Document Manager.

In addition, QuickReg integrates with Number Dispenser for automatic document numbering. Quick Reg features the following advantages:

  • “Drag-and-drop” functionality allows multiple documents to be registered at once.
  • Registration of documents with matching titles allows documents to be registered into the system as current, superseding the previous versions.
  • Electronic approval routing can be defined within the template.
  • Templates can be established with selection items to allow flexibility.
  • Document scanning (PDF, PDF /w OCR, DOCX and TIF).
  • Document registration lists that allow you to pause the registration process and pick up where you left off at a later time.
Saves Time & Effort
QuickReg uses preset templates to register documents into Document Manager. All the relevant information, including default access, final approval authority and document ownership can be established within QuickReg template administration.
QuickReg templates also allow information to be selected and entered during registration. For example, if several documents require the same information except for final approval authority, the same template can be used for the documents. Then, during registration, the user is prompted to enter the final approval authority for the particular document they are registering.
Short Cut to Registration
QuickReg can be set up as an icon on your Desktop. When you drag and drop documents onto the icon, you will be prompted to select templates. QuickReg automatically registers the documents for you.


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The new release of Suite V3.99 is now available!
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The new release of DWA V6.15 is now available!
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