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Document Manager gives you one place to control the quality documents you create in any non-Waypoint Global applications you use. It allows you to control these documents side-by-side with the documents you create using Waypoint Global applications.

And best of all, other users do not have to have Document Manager or the application you used to create the original document file to view the document. Every Waypoint Global user who has access to the document can view the document and its information using the Waypoint Global Desktop.

Product Details

Product Description:

Document Manager is the module used to register documents as well as control document and revision properties. Some example properties include: access, routing, revision history, who gets notified of document releases, document type and much more.

Registering Documents

Document Manager provides a registration wizard to help users register documents quickly. It guides users through the wizard with default selections and helpful tips on some options. If you need to register multiple documents back-to-back the wizard can continue after the first registered document and it will save the previous document detail selections. This works great for registering similar documents quickly.

Document Workspace

Each document has its own workspace, which is the command center for the document. The document workspace controls a document from two levels. The top level controls the document attributes, which apply to the whole document:

  • Access - Who has access to the document to view/edit
  • Document Owner - Who is responsible for the document and can change the document properties
  • Final Approval Authority - Who is responsible for approving the document when changes are made
  • Indexing - Indexing documents helps users to quickly find them using binders in Desktop
  • Related - Set document relationships so users can quickly see documents related to the current document

The lower level controls the revision attributes:

  • Revision Reviews - Reviews written about each revision are available to view, setup review dates and how often the review is reviewed
  • Routing - Setup route types, start and stop routes, complete routes, select from pre-configured route lists to quickly get a route started
  • Paper and Electronic Distribution Lists - Distribution of users or non-users that receive a copy of the document revision so document control is easily maintained
  • Revision Usage - Detailed information on who has viewed, copied or used the document revision
  • And much more!

The current revisions, as well as superseded revisions, of a document are available through the document workspace.


Feature highlights:

With a manual system, document control requires many man-hours and levels of management. Document Manager does most document control tasks automatically, including:

  • Controlling which application is used to edit each document.
  • Keeping an automated revision history.
  • Providing an electronic routing and approval procedure for all your quality documents.
  • Automatically superseding a revision when a new revision is released.
  • Keeping track of who views, prints, or edits each document so that you can check on their usage.

Technical Specifications:


Each module version is packaged in a Suite Release which has its own technical specifications. Please click the link below to see the release version information you need.


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Service Information:

The Waypoint Global Suite services help you use Desktop and the Modules more effectively, and can help provide expertise for you organization when you need help filling in the gaps.

For more information about how we can solve your specific business problem choose from the service offerings below:


On Site Deployment

In order to get your company up and running more quickly, Waypoint Global offers On Site deployment by one of our application consultants. Each On Site deployment is custom designed for you, based upon your company's needs. We offer the following services:
  • On Site Training - For any or all of your purchased modules
  • Installation Assistance - Server and client installation assistance
  • Application Deployment - Configuration and deployment as needed


Custom Data Collection

Suite SPC begins with the shop floor, where data can be collected with or without operator input. The operator can collect data via hand held or bench style gages or through the keyboard. Suite SPC interfaces with numerous digital and analog devices. Waypoint Global Professional Services can offer custom designed and developed data collection solutions that can provide your SPC modules data directly from the source. Consult with your Waypoint Global Sales representative for more information about this service.

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The Waypoint Global Customer Service team will work with you to determine the best way to meet your needs. Since the Waypoint Global Suite offers such a wide range of features and flexible licensing options, our Sales Consultants can help determine the most effective purchasing mix for your needs.




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Suite Version V3.99
The new release of Suite V3.99 is now available!
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The new release of DWA V6.15 is now available!
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