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Expand the availability of your document collections, without sacrificing any of the document control that you depend on Suite to deliver. Suite Connect for SharePoint is a browser based user interface that lets your document consumers view, print, copy, review and provide dispositions on documents from your Suite document collection!
Product Details

Suite Connect for SharePoint is a collection of SharePoint Web Parts that extend Suite functionality to enable companies to share and allow disposition of their Suite documents with SharePoint users. Waypoint Global has heard our customers need for a SharePoint solution so their users can access Suite documents from SharePoint. All documents and metadata are still stored in the Suite database and repositories but can now be connected to SharePoint users via a SharePoint site with the Suite Connect Web Parts inserted into pages on the site. SharePoint users can use the Web Parts to search for and consume documents. Users will be able to conduct reviews, provide dispositions on documents in route and final dispositions to complete routes. This gives users access to documents stored in Suite document repositories who may not want or need the Suite Windows software installed on their workstation.



  • Binders: This Web Part allows SharePoint users to select from a list of available binders to retrieve lists of documents in their Suite system. The resulting document list has the ability to be viewed, copied, printed or used depending on user access.
  • Quick Search: This Web Part allows SharePoint users to search the Suite system for a particular document(s) based on text searches. The search criteria options range from which document metadata to search on to using wildcard characters when the full search text is unknown.
  • Recently Released: This Web Part allows SharePoint users to see all the recently released documents for which they have been granted access.
  • Review (MSSQL database only): This Web Part allows SharePoint users to see all the documents that are in need of a review by that user. Users can view the document, record any comments or notes about this version of the document and finally complete the review.
  • Disposition (MSSQL database only): This Web Part allows SharePoint users to give their disposition on documents that have been routed to them for comment or approval. Users can view the document and then give their comment, approval or rejection with comments if needed.
  • Returned (MSSQL database only): This Web Part allows SharePoint users to see documents that have been returned for a final disposition after all route participants have provided a disposition. They can view the route participant’s comments and complete the route by approving or rejecting the document.
Note: Some SCS Web Parts only work when Suite uses a MSSQL 2005 or later database but do not work with Sybase databases.

Technical Specifications:


Deployment Recommendations

If your SharePoint system is low utilization or if server costs are an issue, you may deploy both the SharePoint Web Application with the SCS Web Parts and Document Rendering and Caching Service on the same server.

Customers that have many SharePoint users that actively use the server concurrently will benefit from putting the Web Application on one server and the Document Rendering and Caching Service on another. This configuration is fully supported.

You can start out on one server and then migrate DRCS to another server if the need arises.

Hardware Requirements

If SCSView and DRCS is going to be deployed to a server other than the SharePoint server the following hardware requirements are needed for the DRCS server. A server class machine with a fast dual‐core processor (or dual processors) with minimum of 2 gig of ram. It should have necessary drive space to handle the OS, the software, and the size of the PDF cache you wish to utilize. Even the smallest of today’s modern hard drives will provide more than enough space.

The SharePoint server hardware requirements basically mirror the Microsoft recommended requirements for a SharePoint 2010 server, a server class machine with a 64‐bit four‐core processor and a minimum of 8 gig of ram. It should have necessary drive space to handle the OS, the software, and the size of the PDF cache you wish to utilize (if DRCS is being deployed on the same server).

If you wish to read more about Microsoft’s SharePoint hardware requirements visit: http://technet.microsoft.com/en‐us/library/cc262485.aspx

OS Requirements

SCS was designed for Windows Server 2008 (IIS 7.0) and SharePoint 2010.

Service Information:

The Waypoint Global Suite services help you use Desktop and the Modules more effectively, and can help provide expertise for you organization when you need help filling in the gaps.

Please contact Waypoint Global Sales with any questions. Or just use the Contact Us webpage to send us your question.


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Suite Version V3.99
The new release of Suite V3.99 is now available!
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Desktop Web Access V6.15
The new release of DWA V6.15 is now available!
  • Office Rendering has been updated to the latest available including Office 2016.
  • See the release notes for a security warning using Firefox.