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Suite Reports

Suite Reports!

A new addition to Waypoint Global's Suite line of products.
Product Details

Product Description:

The Suite Reports module is included with Desktop and, for existing customers, is included in the annual maintenance agreement. It provides reports for the Suite modules. This gives users with Desktop access to the reports of the installed modules.
The functionality includes:

  • Multi-Select
  • Export to several different document types including: PDF, Excel, CSV, and many more
  • Search capabilities
  • Optional date fields



Detail Descriptions

Audit Manager

  • Completed Internal Audit Status Report by Audit Number
  • Completed Internal Audit Status Report by Auditor
  • Internal Audit CAR Summary Report
  • Internal Audit CAR To Do Report
  • Internal Audit History Report by Department
  • Internal Audit History Report by Element
  • Internal Audit History Report by Product
  • Internal Audit Nonconformance Report by Department
  • Internal Audit Nonconformance Report by Element
  • Internal Audit Nonconformance Report by Product
  • Internal Audit Schedule Report

Corrective Action

  • Audit Log
  • Corrective Action Inactivity Report
  • Corrective Action Management Review Report
  • Corrective Action Summary Report
  • Detail Data Export
  • NC/CARs Status by Date Found
  • NC/CARs Status by Most Recent Activity
  • NC/CARs by Source
  • NC/CAR/PAR by Customer
  • NC/CAR/PAR by Department
  • NC/CAR/PAR by Facility
  • NC/CAR/PAR by Part Number
  • NC/CAR/PAR by Supplier
  • NC/CAR/PAR by Traceability
  • PAR by Date Found
  • PAR by Most Recent Activity

Desktop Reports

  • Approval Route History by Number (and Title)
  • Approval Routes in Process by Title (and Number)
  • Approved Revisions' Scheduled Release Dates by Date (by Number and by Title)
  • Assigned Document Access by User
  • Current Document Number (and Title) Usage by User
  • Current Revisions Scheduled Expiration Dates by Date (by Number) (by Title)
  • Current Usage by User by Document Number (or Title)
  • Current Usage Count by Document Number (and Title)
  • Deleted Documents by Title
  • Disk Space by Document
  • Disk Space by Repository
  • Document Access by Number (by Title and by User)
  • Document Final Approval Authority (User)
  • Document Filters
  • Document Number (Title) Revisions by Repository
  • Document Numbers (Titles) by Final Approval Authority
  • Document Numbers (Titles) by Index Item
  • Document Numbers (Titles) by Index Topic
  • Document Numbers (Titles) by Item by Topic
  • Document Numbers (Titles) by Owner
  • Documents Removed from the Master List sorted by Date (by Number) (by Title)
  • Document Type List
  • Document Types Detail
  • Documents in Need of Review by Owner
  • Documents In Route By (route) Participant
  • Documents Not Stored in a Repository by Number (by Title)
  • Document Owner by Index Topic and Item
  • Documents Referenced By
  • Documents with no Revision History by Number (by Title)
  • Electronic Distribution Lists
  • Electronic Distributions by Document Number (Title)
  • Electronic Signature Audit Log
  • Electronic Usage Deficiency by Number (by Title)
  • Index Items (Topics)
  • Index Items by Topic
  • Index Topics & Items by Document Number (Title)
  • Master List by Document Number (Title) (Release Date)
  • Overdue Paper distributions by Number (Title)
  • Paper Distribution Deficiency by Number (Title)
  • Paper Distribution Lists
  • Paper Distributions by Document Number (Title)
  • Personnel Pool Information (User)
  • Privileges by User
  • Privileges by User Group
  • Registered Documents by Number (Title)
  • Registered Numbers (Titles) by Repository
  • Related Documents
  • Repositories
  • Repositories with Users
  • Review Summary by Document Number (Title)
  • Revision History by Document Number (Title)
  • Routing Lists
  • Scheduled Reviews by Document Owner (by Review Date)
  • Total Document Number (Title) Usage by User
  • Total Usage by User by Document Number (Title)
  • Total Usage Count by Document Number (Title)
  • User Groups
  • User Groups by Privilege
  • User Groups by User
  • User List
  • Users by Privilege
  • Users in User Groups

Folio Manager

  • Active Edit Routes
  • Edit Routes Audit Log
  • Edit Routes

Instruction Writer

  • Current List
  • Instructions Approval Records
  • Instructions by Element
  • Instructions by Gage
  • Instructions by Material
  • Instructions by Record
  • Instructions by Responsibility Code
  • Instructions by Safety Instruction
  • Instructions by Tools
  • Instructions Release History
  • Instructions Review Summary
  • Instructions Revision History
  • Instructions Route List
  • Instruction Paper Distribution List
  • Instructions Paper Distribution Records
  • Instruction Route Cover Sheet

Policy Writer

  • Policy Current List
  • Policy Manuals Approval Records
  • Policy Manuals Paper Distribution List
  • Policy Manuals Release History
  • Policy Manuals Review Summary
  • Policy Manuals Revision History
  • Policy Manuals Route List
  • Policy Manuals Paper Distribution Records
  • Policy Route Cover Sheet

Procedure Writer

  • Procedures Current List
  • Procedures Paper Distribution Records
  • Procedures Approval Records
  • Procedures by Element
  • Procedures by Record
  • Procedures by Responsibility Code
  • Procedures Paper Distribution List
  • Procedures Release History
  • Procedures Review Summary
  • Procedures Revision History
  • Procedures Route List
  • Procedure Route Cover Sheet

Quality Planner

  • APQP Design Project Document List
  • APQP Project List by Customers
  • APQP Project List by Part Numbers

Training Manager

  • Audit History for Document
  • Competence History for Document
  • Demonstration of Competence History for Trainee
  • Document Detail with Competence Completed
  • Document Detail with Competence Overdue
  • Document Detail with Competence Scheduled
  • Document Detail with Refresher Competence Completed
  • Document Detail with Refresher Competence Overdue
  • Document Detail with Refresher Competence Scheduled
  • Document Detail with Training Complete
  • Document Detail with Training Overdue
  • Document Detail with Training Scheduled
  • Documents Requiring Training
  • Documents with All Refresher Training Complete
  • Documents with All Training Complete
  • Documents with Refresher Training Overdue
  • Documents with Refresher Training Scheduled
  • Documents with Training Overdue
  • Documents with Training Scheduled
  • Trainee Documents Requiring Training
  • Training History for Document
  • Training History for Trainee
  • Trainers List

Technical Specifications:


Each module version is packaged in a Suite Release which has its own technical specifications. Please click the link below to see the release version information you need.


Click to see more information.

Service Information:

The Waypoint Global Suite services help you use Desktop and the Modules more effectively, and can help provide expertise for you organization when you need help filling in the gaps.

For more information about how we can solve your specific business problem choose from the service offerings below:


On Site Deployment

In order to get your company up and running more quickly, Waypoint Global offers On Site deployment by one of our application consultants. Each On Site deployment is custom designed for you, based upon your company's needs. We offer the following services:
  • On Site Training - For any or all of your purchased modules
  • Installation Assistance - Server and client installation assistance
  • Application Deployment - Configuration and deployment as needed


Custom Data Collection

Suite SPC begins with the shop floor, where data can be collected with or without operator input. The operator can collect data via hand held or bench style gages or through the keyboard. Suite SPC interfaces with numerous digital and analog devices. Waypoint Global Professional Services can offer custom designed and developed data collection solutions that can provide your SPC modules data directly from the source. Consult with your Waypoint Global Sales representative for more information about this service.

Contact Waypoint Global for Suite Pricing Information


The Waypoint Global Customer Service team will work with you to determine the best way to meet your needs. Since the Waypoint Global Suite offers such a wide range of features and flexible licensing options, our Sales Consultants can help determine the most effective purchasing mix for your needs.




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Latest Release!
Suite Version V3.99
The new release of Suite V3.99 is now available!
  • Desktop V6.15
  • Corrective Action V3.00
  • NEW! Suite Reports V1.00
  • Document Manager V5.02d
  • Policy Writer V7.02
  • Procedure Writer V7.02
  • Instruction Writer V7.02
  • List Builder V4.02
  • Quality Planner V3.02
  • Office Viewer V2.11
  • Training Manager V1.04
  • Folio Manager V1.02
  • Audit Manager V2.07
  • Number Dispenser V2.07
  • SPC Administrator V4.09
  • SPC Examiner V4.07
  • SPC Operator V4.08
Desktop Web Access V6.15
The new release of DWA V6.15 is now available!
  • Office Rendering has been updated to the latest available including Office 2016.
  • See the release notes for a security warning using Firefox.