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Release Overview - Desktop Web Access - V6.15

Suite Upgrade Distribution Center

  • Office Rendering has been updated to the latest available including Office 2016.

Previous Revisions listed below



  • This version of Desktop Web Access includes better support for the built Acrobat PDF display in Google Chrome.
  • Desktop Web Access supports using the Mozillia Firefox browser. But, if print security is important in your installation, we recommend you avoid using Mozillia Firefox.

    Mozillia Corporation has stated publicly that its Firefox internal PDF display will not honor the print/no-print flag in Acrobat PDF files. This means any PDF is printable using the internal PDF display in Firefox.



Folio Manager

  • This version of Desktop Web Access has been updated to support Folio Manager document viewing.




  • This version of Desktop Web Access now works for Android mobile devices.
  • This version of Desktop Web Access now works with the new Microsoft Edge browser that is the default browser for Windows 10.

Single Sign-On

  • This version of Desktop Web Access Single Sign-On support is now optional and off by default. A separate Single Sign-On configuration guide is available - here.

Document Grid Changes

  • The grid layout can now be customized for a site. Contact Waypoint Global Technical Support for assistance with the configuration.
  • The Copy/Print/Use links are now customizable.
  • The grid settings menu has been change to a right click context menu in the grid.
  • Related and Related To document titles are now links for viewing.

PDF Rendering Improvements

  • Office Rendering has been updated to the latest available.
  • Support for Images and Text documents has been added. Office Viewer 2.08 is required.
  • A separate Office Viewer configuration Guide is available - here.



Internet Explorer 11

  • This version of Desktop Web Access now works with Internet Explorer 11. Capability mode is no longer required.

PDF Support For Office Documents

  • Improvements have been made for handling Office documents.
    • Support has been added for the new paged Excel document type.
    • Enhanced support has been added for Project documents.
  • Contact Waypoint Global Technical Support for assistance with Project documents.



PDF Support For Office Documents

  • Desktop Web Access has been modified to view all version of Microsoft Office documents via PDF documents. The Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 document types supported include Microsoft Word and Excel, and now includes PowerPoint, Visio and Project. Desktop Web Access no longer requires Workstation have Office installed to view Office Documents. The standard print security is enforced via PDF print control. Note: The Office Viewer module V2.00 must be present in your Suite installation to take full advantage of this new feature.

PDF Watermarking

  • PDF Watermarking has been improved to create true background watermarks a that are completely configurable. A full explanation of the new watermark configuration options is available in the updated Install/Upgrade guides.

Web Server Platform

  • Windows Server 2012 has been added as a supported platform for Desktop Web Access.



  • A new To Do page has been added to support the new Training Manager module.



Web Browser Compatibility

  • This version of Desktop Web Access is now compatible with most major internet browsers. Including: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 through 9 and Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview (Windows 8), Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari & Opera.
  • We've improved handling of popup blockers. In most cases a popup blocker setting of "medium" will work with Desktop Web Access. Environmental conditions can change this behavior.

Related & Related To Documents

  • Tabs for "Related Documents" and "Related To Documents" have been added to the Document details information. A document's details are displayed when a document grid row is expanded using it's  button.

Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 Viewing

  • Usability improvements have been made in the Microsoft Word and Excel viewing technology introduced in V6.0.6. If a workstation also uses the Office Viewer for Word & Excel module with Desktop it will also need to be upgraded to V1.04 which is available with the Suite V3.75 release.



Windows Authentication and Single Sign-On

  • Desktop Web Access can now participate in the Windows Authentication and Single Sign-On functionality introduced with Suite V3.60.
    • Windows Authentication – When a user is configured in Desktop to use Windows authentication they can logon to Desktop Web access using their Windows Network identity (Domain\User) and the password set in the Windows network. The Desktop user must be configured to use Windows Authentication.
    • Single Sign-On – When Single Sign-On is enabled a secure ActiveX control on the logon page will read the Domain Name and Domain User Name of the user currently logged in with the Windows network. This will skip through the normal logon page. The Desktop User must be configured to use Windows Authentication.

Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Viewing for Word & Excel

  • Desktop Web Access has the ability to view Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 documents. This provides faithful and secure Word and Excel 2007/2010 rendering. This option is configurable (off by default) and when enabled will require Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 be installed on any workstation viewing Word or Excel 2007/2010 documents. Using the Microsoft Word or Excel Viewer is not supported. The viewers do not include the interface required to use this new secure viewing option. If a user has Print access to the document and they may choose a Print link and printing will be allowed when viewing the document.



Participant Functionality

  • Added a new “Review” page to be used by document owners who have scheduled re-occurring reviews for their released documents.
  • Added a new “Disposition” page to be used by users that are participants in document routes. This functionality provides the ability to Add route comments and to approve or reject a new document revision prior to release. It supports both routes for comment and routes for approval.
  • Added a new “Returned” page to be used by Final Approval Authorities to enter their Final Dispositions for Document Revisions that have completed the route process.
  • Added Electronic Signature support for all participant activities.
  • Added Support for new licensing.
    • Added support for “Desktop Web Access Participant”.
    • The “Desktop Web Access Named User” license has been replaced by “Desktop Web Access Consumer”.

Usability Enhancements

  • Added visibility on all pages to document properties, revision properties, document access assignments and Indexing in document lists.
  • Added the ability for the binder page URL to pick a binder to display.
  • Added the ability for the binder page to hide specific binders.
  • Added the ability to simplify the grid UI by hiding the grouping row and/or the column filter row.

SQL Server 2000 : End of Life Announcement

  • Waypoint Global announces the end of support for MS SQL Server 2000 in future Powerway Suite releases starting with V3.50

    We are continuing support for MS SQL Server 2005 and MS SQL Server 2008. As we add new functionality to the Powerway Suite solution, we have found it necessary to discontinue development compatible with MS SQL Server 2000. Older versions of the Powerway Suite will continue to work with MS SQL Server 2000.

    As you plan your upgrade to the latest version of Powerway Suite, we want you to be aware that we no longer test with MS SQL Server 2000 and strongly recommend you upgrade your database server. Because the environment details vary for every company, we offer personalized services to help in this transition process. Our experiences with hundreds of customers allow us to share our expertise with you. Our customers have found this saves them many hours of frustration when missing something that could affect their system in the future.

    If you have any questions about this announcement, please don’t hesitate to contact Waypoint’s Technical Support Department at support@waypointglobal.com. Our goal is to help make this transition as smooth as possible.



Usability Enhancements

  • The Recently Released documents page is now available.
  • The Next Review Date column is now available.
  • All Date columns are now optionally configurable.
  • A “Use” document link has been added as a new document action.
  • We have fine tuned saving grid settings. Users are now able to save all grid settings. Saving your grid settings means remembering, between sessions, your column order, sorting and grouping options.
    Note: for this feature to work your browser must be configured to allow cookies to be saved on your workstation.



Usability Enhancements

  • Exporting Binder data. You are now able to export the list of documents in a binder or the results of a quick search. The supported export formats are Excel, CVS, RTF or PDF.
  • Binder grid settings. We now save your grid settings between browsing sessions. For example: you change your binder grid to sort documents by Release Date. The next time you start a Desktop Web Access session your sort order will default to Release Date. There is nothing special you need to do to use this feature. Your settings automatically get saved as you use the binder grid. Note: for this feature to work your browser must be configured to allow cookies to be saved on your workstation.
  • The Suite 2000 eNotify system can now work with a Desktop Web Access web server. Email notifications from eNotify can now contain direct links to documents in Desktop Web Access. When linking to a document in Desktop Web Access from an eNotify email you will be asked to authenticate your Desktop user if starting a new Desktop Web Access browser session.