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Release Overview Suite V3.80

Release Overview - Suite - V3.80


Suite Upgrade Distribution Center

Training Manager V1.00
  • Waypoint Global is excited to announce the release of a new module, Training Manager.
  • This new module allows companies to schedule and record employee training for compliance purposes. Documents can be configured to require training, assign trainers and trainees. As new document revisions are released training is automatically scheduled for trainees. Trainers can manage aspects of document training records including scheduling, completion and demonstration of competence. A comprehensive report system is in included to track training coverage performance.
Desktop V6.08
  • New To Do Training notifications are available to give trainees information about scheduled training and target completion dates. Trainees scheduled for "Self Training" can enter their completion status from Desktop.Desktop now has new System Preferences for Training Manager including default training target windows and enabling auditing.
Document Manager V4.09
  • Documents can now be configured to require training.
Operating System Support
  • Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) were added, as of V3.75, to the list of supported workstation operating systems.
  • Windows Server 2012 has been added to the list of supported server operating systems. With one exception, the Sybase database engine is not supported for Windows Server 2012. In certain conditions we recommend using SQL Server Express as a minimal cost alternative.
Microsoft .Net Framework 4

Suite Desktop now requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client or Full. It can be installed using Microsoft Windows Update or you can download it directly from Microsoft at:

IMPORTANT: Whenever installing the Microsoft .Net Framework is it always a good idea afterwards to use Windows Update to ensure you have the latest security patches from Microsoft.


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Latest Release!
Suite Version V3.99
The new release of Suite V3.99 is now available!
  • Desktop V6.15
  • Corrective Action V3.00
  • NEW! Suite Reports V1.00
  • Document Manager V5.02d
  • Policy Writer V7.02
  • Procedure Writer V7.02
  • Instruction Writer V7.02
  • List Builder V4.02
  • Quality Planner V3.02
  • Office Viewer V2.11
  • Training Manager V1.04
  • Folio Manager V1.02
  • Audit Manager V2.07
  • Number Dispenser V2.07
  • SPC Administrator V4.09
  • SPC Examiner V4.07
  • SPC Operator V4.08
Desktop Web Access V6.15
The new release of DWA V6.15 is now available!
  • Office Rendering has been updated to the latest available including Office 2016.
  • See the release notes for a security warning using Firefox.