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Release Overview Suite V3.97

Release Overview - Suite - V3.97

Current Support Customers can download this version at - Suite Upgrade Distribution Center

Folio Manager V1.00

Waypoint Global is pleased to announce the release of a new module, Folio Manager!
Folio Manager is a ground breaking module addition to the Suite for collecting multiple documents into a single container/folder to get treated as
one document.

  • Folio Manager allows multiple documents to be controlled, routed and approved as a single collection.
  • Folios can be used to manage projects like ECNs, RFQs and Design Reviews that typically include multiple documents that should be
    registered and revised together as the project develops.
  • Documents in a folio are not revised independently. This prevents inter-document references to become disorganized.
  • Folio Manager has the ability to route for editing where a team of people can work together, each getting their turn at adding/editing documents in the folio.
  • Once an edit route is complete the folio, as a whole, can then be routed for comment or approval using Document Manager, Desktop and Desktop Web Access.
  • When a folio is viewed, a single PDF is created with all the folio‚Äôs documents rendered together.

For more information about Folio Manager please contact Waypoint Global at info@waypointglobal.com.

Desktop V6.12
  • Added support for Folio Manager.
  • You may not delete a user or user group that is in a valid edit route.
Document Manager V5.02
  • Added support for Folio Manager.
  • You may not approve a document that has a valid edit route. The edit route must be completed.
  • You may not begin a comment or approval route while there is a valid edit route. The edit route must be completed.
  • Updated Quick Reg to include better route and notification support.
  • Quick Reg and Template Administration supports a more dynamic handling of document review dates.
  • Quick Reg templates are now portable to other installations.
Training Manager V1.03
  • Added UI enhancements to help with managing incomplete training due.
  • Double clicking a document will open the document in Document Manager.
  • All lists allow full incremental filtering for finding items.
Office Viewer V2.09
  • Added Folio Manager support.
  • All Office document type rendering has been updated to the latest available functionality.
  • The Waypoint Global Office Viewer now has free unlimited availability to all Suite installations.
  • Comprehensive documentation is available for all the Office Viewer command line parameters - here.
Sybase SQL Server Anywhere : End of Life Planning

Support for Sybase SQL Anywhere in the Waypoint Global Suite is scheduled to be retired in 2016. Further updates will not be supported.
Please contact Waypoint Global (support@waypointglobal.com) to discuss the transition options for your Suite installation.

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Latest Release!
Suite Version V3.99
The new release of Suite V3.99 is now available!
  • Desktop V6.15
  • Corrective Action V3.00
  • NEW! Suite Reports V1.00
  • Document Manager V5.02d
  • Policy Writer V7.02
  • Procedure Writer V7.02
  • Instruction Writer V7.02
  • List Builder V4.02
  • Quality Planner V3.02
  • Office Viewer V2.11
  • Training Manager V1.04
  • Folio Manager V1.02
  • Audit Manager V2.07
  • Number Dispenser V2.07
  • SPC Administrator V4.09
  • SPC Examiner V4.07
  • SPC Operator V4.08
Desktop Web Access V6.15
The new release of DWA V6.15 is now available!
  • Office Rendering has been updated to the latest available including Office 2016.
  • See the release notes for a security warning using Firefox.